Mark Friedman, Chief Legal Officer for ChromaDex, Inc.

“As a former GM of my beloved KDVS I am writing confirming my support of the letter that will be sent to the administration in connection with the current plan to severely reduce the space available to the operate the station.  The leadership skills I learned at KDVS served me well in my capacity as General Counsel for private and public companies, most recently as Chief Legal Officer for ChromaDex, Inc. (Nasdaq CDXC).  KDVS is an amazing intersection of engineering, music appreciation and flow of information to communities that would otherwise underserved in this regard.  We brought Tower of Power to Sproul Hall and broadcast live interviews of Hunter S. Thompson and Jefferson Starship.  I believe we were the only station playing Coltrane and Miles Davis in the Sacramento area.  Please let me know if there is anything further I can do to voice our concerns.”

– Mark Friedman, Chief Legal Officer for ChromaDex, Inc.

Jesse Drew, Professor of Cinema and Digital Media

“Student-run KDVS is a stellar example of student self-management and freedom of expression in a media environment increasingly encroached upon by algorithmic uniformity and corporate mediocrity.” 

– Jesse Drew, Professor of Cinema and Digital Media at UC Davis, and co-chair of the Davis Faculty Association.

John Nelson, Director of Marketing at iHeart Radio Sacramento

“As a former General Manager of KDVS (1986-1987), I am dismayed at the current lack of progress of KDVS finding a new home as Freeborn Hall is demolished due to seismic/earthquake standards. For over 57 years, KDVS has provided a lab for both students and community members to learn about broadcasting, managerial skills, and inform, entertain and provide the community with diverse, non-commercial free-form radio. Working at KDVS when I was a student at UC Davis (1983-1989) gave me valuable skills that allowed me to pursue my career in the media. Other students I worked alongside moved on to non-media careers, but still take the skills they learned at KDVS with them in their chosen path. Now more than ever, it’s vitally important to protect and support free speech in any and all forms, especially for the students at UC Davis. And if an appropriate space that meets KDVS needs can be found, it will ensure that KDVS will continue to have the impact on students and the surrounding community for years to come.” 

– John Nelson, Director of Marketing at iHeart Radio Sacramento, KDVS General Manager/Program Director/Airstaff 1983-1989

Jonathan Segel, Camper Van Beethoven

“Growing up in Davis, KDVS proved to be a pivotal element in my musical education. Not even a student at UCD, I started listening in High School at DHS and it opened my ears to things I could never have heard on the middle-of-the-dial stations, and the music I heard in that period has inspired me since. The very idea of a free-form radio station is something that all communities need as an alternative, to inspire and open ears for anyone who chooses to tune in. During my career in music, I have always looked back at KDVS as a leader in college radio, and I still tune in whenever I am in town visiting my family!”

Jonathan Segel, Camper Van Beethoven

Dr. Jennifer Otter Bickerdike

“My first ever music ‘job’ was working at KDVS. In the 1990s, when I attended Davis, there were not any ‘music business’ programs or classes on offer anywhere. When I went to the on-campus career centre to ask for guidance as to how to pursue a career in this area, I was met with confused looks and advised to rethink my options- literally handed a pamphlet for pursuing work at Enterprise Rent A Car.  KDVS was the only place where I found support, help and assurance that I was not mad for wanting to delve into this industry. It was not only a place where I began learning more about music, but I was able to start networking, expanding my world way beyond my native California. Since those days, I have been the Head of Marketing at Interscope Geffen A & M, helped Gwen Stefani start her LAMB fashion label, worked at Facebook and am now a #1 best-selling author with my last book Why Vinyl Matters. None of this would have been achieved without those early years and critical foundation that KDVS gave me.”

Dr. Jennifer Otter Bickerdike

Brendan Boyle, Folk Arts Rare Records

“I got my degree at UC Davis, but I got my real education at KDVS, a combination of the phenomenal music library and the station’s large, diverse community. My experience at KDVS involved talking with and learning from people from all walks of life, all ages, backgrounds and a wide variety of musical experiences. This education set me on the path to owning Folk Arts Rare Records in San Diego, one of California’s oldest & most unique record stores. I am forever indebted to the education I received at KDVS. It sowed the seed for a lifetime of learning.”

Brendan Boyle, Folk Arts Rare Records

Jesikah Maria Ross, Senior Community Engagement Strategist, Capitol Public Radio

“I’m an award winning media maker and I got my start at KDVS. Over my eight years with the station (undergrad and graduate degrees) I developed friendships and skills that have carried me much further than my classroom learning. To this day, I credit KDVS with being the space and community that encouraged me to explore new ideas, dialogue constructively with those I disagreed with and work in teams toward a shared vision. It was the most diverse and inclusive space on campus where students and community members could come together to share their passion for music, poetry, public affairs and more.  I strongly encourage UCD administrators to do all that they can to ensure that this gem is well resourced for the next generation.” 

– Jesikah Maria Ross, Senior Community Engagement Strategist, Capitol Public Radio

Anthony Grimani

“I started my career at KDVS. First DJ, the Chief Engineer. Paved the way for a management job at Dolby, then a director position at Lucasfilm. I received several industry awards for my work over the years. Just Google my name. All this thanks to hard work and the start-up platform that is KDVS. It will do the same for many other UCD students to come. Save KDVS!!”
– Anthony Grimani

Dennis Newhall, Capitol Public Radio Announcer

“KDVS needs to be saved.”

Dennis Newhall, Cap Public Radio Announcer, former Announcer and Program Director at KZAP, KSFM, and KROY in Sacramento and KSJO in San Jose.

Brian McKenna, Abstract Entertainment

“I’ve brought bands like AFI, Bad Religion, Bela Fleck & the Flecktones, Bosstones, Dropkick Murphys, Muse, and Rancid to UC Davis Freeborn Hall.  Historically, the venue has been an important Sacramento-area stop for touring artists for which there is no equivalent replacement at UC Davis. KDVS additionally has promoted independent artists and shows other radio stations neglect.  The University should view KDVS and Freeborn as vital cultural assets.”
 – Brian McKenna, Abstract Entertainment