Differences in Estimates of Space Allocation

Save KDVS has made two independent estimates of the number of items in the KDVS Library and our estimates differ significantly from the figures cited in the current proposal.

KDVS current student staff asserts that 100% of the KDVS Library can fit within the Gunrock location while maintaining a full-studio, core staff offices, and an area where volunteer staff can use as a lounge/workspace. This despite having initially publicly stated that the plan for the library would be offsite storage, and the location of said storage having not been identified publicly or privately. Save KDVS has made two independent estimates of the number of items in the KDVS Library and are confident that our estimates are correct.

“At this time our consultants and engineers have said that according to ADA compliance and the utilization of high density shelving, the full and complete stacks will be included in the Gunrock Gaming space without exception. We have received concrete confirmation that 100% of the stacks will fit within a 550 linear feet limit inside of the new space, leaving room for things like a lounge and listening areas.” – Lucas

Estimates of the linear footage of the KDVS Library done in 2014 (over 3200 linear feet) and subsequently are in dramatic contrast with the linear footage estimated by the current staff.

Our recent estimate of the size of the ‘stacks’ is 4043 linear feet. This breaks down in the following calculations:

LPs and singles in Library 1 = 1374 Linear feet

CDs in Library 2 = 1558 LF

LPs and CDs in Library 3  = 699 LF

Currents room (live studio shelves) = 412 linear feet

Total = 4043 linear feet.

There is no high-density storage system that could possibly accommodate the KDVS record library into the area they are describing. Beyond that, we question the viability of high-density storage in an active and functioning radio station. And there is a serious consideration of not having separate and discrete spaces for an on-air broadcast studio, which needs to be silent and clean, library areas which need to be secure, and staff areas which should be accessible and foster interaction. Bottom line, we don’t believe their estimates are serious and we don’t believe their proposal is viable.

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